; Izon Ladies Association

Become A Member

Information on how to join the (ILA)

    Membership criteria:
  • Female, Izon by birth or marriage, literate and 21-45 years of age
  • Foundation Membership; 1st 4 months.
  • Full Membership; Has met all financial and behavioral obligations of foundational level.
  • Life Membership; Has been an active member for 20 continuous years.

A new member shall be sponsored by two active members. Enrollment fee for new members; N5,000 and two bottles of wine.A formal letter of application shall be submitted by the new member through any of the sponsors. Non-izon wives should attach consent from husband to letter of application.Monthly dues for all members; N500.Active member is one who attends 8 out of 12 meetings within a calendar year, pays all monthly dues and special levies and attends 80% of social/cultural occasions.